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    2017-12-31 10:59:25
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    2016-12-20 11:48:43
    Rob - I watched that very same Grand Prix, and the result was the same.  I stopped everything and my jaw dropped.  It's true with comedy too - No comedy sketch would throw Alice Cooper and Ronnie Corbett together as flatmates - that was a stroke of genius.The production value on commercials is often far superior too - and because of the attention to detail, parlciularty on special effects and very visual commercials, the ad is richer and often more polished.
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    2016-12-20 03:59:40
    Paul Dateh is a brnlilait musician. Please check more of his videos before you vote. He deserves to win for all the effort he has put into his videos, not somebody showing you how to braid hair...